Karin Connelly, PhD

About me

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

CG Jung

Many sources of guidance & inspiration in my own life have come together to create a new way of working with people:

Depth Psychology—the imaginal realms of CG Jung: Archetypes, Alchemy & Dream Work… returning SOUL to Psyche.

Zen Buddism & Taoism—the Backward Step of Zazen, Wu Wei “Creative Quietude.”

PsychicMediumship—grounding & lifting one’s inherent Energy, opening & tuning into psychic knowing and Spirit communication…

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy—RELAXING the body & mind and shifting into Deeper States of Consciousness that naturally rest just below our busy Thinking Minds… trusting in Just Being.

Hypnotic Regression—allowing the IMAGINAL part of our consciousness—like a vast blue sky—to respond to our inner needs & questions… Trusting that the answers you seek are inherently available.

Throughout my 30-year career as a clinical psychologist, I have worked deeply with the images, metaphors & archetypes that arise and mirror back one’s own Inherent Wisdom, with the imperative of helping people find freedom & empowerment in their lives.

Through Archetypal Regression (, I guide people into a relaxed & receptive state of mind, encouraging them to work through old patterns and dynamics in order to trust & align themselves with the purpose & direction of their unique lives.

The development of PsychicMediumship is a deeply impactful spiritual practice open to anyone who’s sincerely interested. In my work, I encourage people to discover this practice as a way to open one’s heart and mind to a subtle awareness of wisdom, compassion and love.