Karin Connelly, PhD


Hello! I’m Karin Connelly, PhD
I’d like to offer you a way to slow down, relax and better trust yourself.

Do the habitual feelings and beliefs about yourself and your potential keep interfering with your making the changes you want in your life?

Do you see yourself making the same mistake, the wrong choice… not really listening to that still small voice inside you?

Is it hard to slow down enough to really feel present and in sync with what you do each day?

Are you open to considering that shifting your awareness may give you the clarity and direction you need?

Too many people turn away from meditation & mindfulness practices, feeling they just can’t do it. You can!

What’s getting in the way of your relaxing your own mind?

Anxiety or Self-Doubt
Fear of failure or disappointment
Anger or Frustration
Regret or Guilt
Deep Hurt, Isolation…

I want to offer you a direction through the thoughts and feelings that do not serve you—beliefs that are often rooted in the past and perpetuated in the present.

My work begins with step-by-step guidance in helping you:

quiet the Thinking Mind,
discover the stillness of Just Being, and
freely access the deeper & Receptive States of Consciousness.

This shift in perspective can impact every area of your life.

I also offer a unique expression of Hypnotic Regression that is deeply informed by my many years working as a Depth Psychologist—with a focus on imagery & archetypes, as well as a deep and abiding trust in your inherent wisdom.

When we’re receptive, we’re often more intuitive and trusting. Within this state of mind, we can better explore painful memories and feelings of loss or isolation… and become more open to the internal shifts and healing that are needed.

Regression is NOT PSYCHOTHERAPY—though it can be a powerful complement to clinical work.