Karin Connelly, PhD


“They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”

EA Poe

Start Here—Simply Learn to Relax & Just Be…

This is a most important first step—a practice that deserves our time & patience to develop. We will explore the process of opening your imagination and allowing your awareness to rest in the Breath, the Light, Colors, while feeling deeply Grounded. We’ll pay attention to any distractions, anxieties, or uncertainties that arise and seem to interfere with this natural experience. Nothing is actually in the way. I will help you develop the insight & sensitivity you need to allow the busy Thinking Mind to step aside so you can deepen & relax—settling into a still & Receptive State of Mind… a space of Just Being.  

+You will receive an audio recording of a guided relaxation designed uniquely for you.

1-hour session @ $100.00

Hypnotic Regression is a guided journey into the past, into the Subconscious, the Imaginal, the realms of metaphor, archetypes, past lives… whatever your belief supports. Following an interview to clarify & envision a specific question, concern or challenge, the Regression session will encourage your discovery of the sources of your feelings & beliefs and the resolutions you inherently possess.

1-1/2-hour session @ $150.00

A PsychicMediumship Reading can offer you insights & guidance into any area of your life, as well as communication from loved ones in Spirit, to support you in grieving, resolving unfinished business, finding encouragement… 

30-minute reading @ no charge

*This work is NOT covered by health insurance as medically necessary. A sliding scale may be available—please ask me.

Below are the forms that you will need to fill out before your first virtual session. Please download forms as PDFs, sign and email back to me as attachments to

Intake Form
Informed Consent